1. Taxonomy faq
  2. Television Heaven History of classic shows both past and present
  3. Television Production Manual From Moving Pictures
  4. Terms of EnvironmentNon-technical language: more commonly used environmental terms
  5. Textile Links Spinning, weaving, quilting, felting, knitting, sewing, dyeing, world of textiles
  6. The Left Hand Unique selection of  left-handed products and other items of interest.
  7. Theme Park Insider Independant source of coverage, opinion, info about theme parks
  8. The Mither Tung on the Wab! An Introduction to Modern Scots
  9. THEOI PROJECT Guide to the Ancient Greek Pantheon of Gods, Spirits & Monsters
  10. The SIBL Project The Songs Inspired By Literature (SIBL) Project
  11. The Telson Spur A Way Station for Snark Hunters
  12. The Writer Welcome
  13. THINCS The International Network of Cholesterol Sceptics
  14. Things people said Ordinary people can be drop dead funny. Many related sites
  15. Thinking Man's Minefield Which doesn't exclude masculine women
  16. This Day in Music History Pick your own day
  17. THOR : Purdue University Libraries Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms and Encyclopedias
  18. Timeline of Art History Overview of  art history through chronologies, maps & themes
  19. Timeline of Costume History From Ancient Babylon to the '80's
  20. Timelines of British History The sweep of British history in chronological form
  21. Tobacco Factfile Gives you access to the information you need
  22. Today in History1 Library of Congress Archive
  23. Today in History2 From Scope Systems
  24. Today in Rotten History We live in a slightly mad world
  25. Tolerance.Org Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance
  26. Tom Swiftys I know who turned off the lights," Tom hinted darkly
  27. Tongue Twisters International Multilingual Collection
  28. Tourist scams
  29. Traditional Ballad Index Folk Songs of the English-Speaking World
  30. TrainWeb Anything to do with trains
  31. Translation Wizard Fagan Finder Beta
  32. Translator's Home Companion From Afrikaans to Yiddish
  33. Travel Quiz
  34. Travlang's Translating Dictionaries Many free on-line
  35. Trees4Kids
  36. Tree identification
  37. Trivia Collections Celebrity Trivia, Superstitions, Unusual Facts
  38. R. Jones Trumpet Excellent Musical Resource
  39. Trucker SLANGuage
  40. Trucker's Slang Class A Truckstop
  41. True Food Network GMO Facts for your shopping list and information
  42. Truism Produced by Ida'web - check out the range of delight
  43. Tudor England 1485 to 1603 Monarchs, relatives, citizens
  44. Tutorials To help Internet information literacy and IT skills
  45. TV Acres Television Program Facts
  46. TVProduction Course Comprehensive On-line Cybertext in Studio and Field Production
  47. TV Scripts At Drew's Script-O-Rama
  48. TV Writing Tools Insight generator, curse creator, name creator
  49. Twenty Writing Tools You can pass one on to another writer without losing it
  50. Twists, Slugs & Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang


  1. U.S. Postal Service : Official Abbreviations All the stuff they need you to know
  2. Uchronia Alternate History List
  3. UK English for the American No longer maintained so contains dated references to people
  4. Unbound Bible collection of searchable Bibles
  5. Underground Grammarian A cleansing fire leaps from the writings of Richard Mitchell
  6. Underground Railroad At National Geographic Online
  7. Understanding Animals Why does your pet chew, mark, growl and howl?
  8. Unicorns Unicorns are wild creatures, very difficult to observe
  9. United States courts
  10. United States Government Printing Office What's it about? - Keeping America Informed
  11. United States National Library of Medicine World's largest medical library
  12. Universal Dictionary Gathered words from newsgroups, email, dictionaries of quotations
  13. Unofficial Dictionary for Marines UNABRIDGED !
  14. Useless Information Stuff you never needed to know
  15. UsingEnglish Edited by teachers, and created for ESL and EFL students
  16. UVic Writer's Guide With Complete Table of Contents


  1. Vancouver Canada's Playground on the Pacific
  2. Vancouver Island Marmot Pages The work being done to save it from extinction.
  3. Varieties of EnglishBy Type and by Topic with references
  4. Vaudeville Slang world of Vaudeville and Burlesque had a rich lexicon
  5. Vegetable Information All about your favourite veggies
  6. Vegetable Research & Information Center Nationally-recognized source
  7. VenomousReptiles Dedicated to venomous reptile conservation through education
  8. Veterinary Manual Merck's most comprehensive electronic reference
  9. Victorian Emporium! Your guide to the 19th Century
  10. Victorian Studies on the Web An indispensable source of information
  11. Victorian Web, The Everything you wish to know about the Victorians
  12. Victorian Women Writers Project British women writers of the 19th century
  13. Vietnam Veteran's Terminology and Slang With related links
  14. VillainSupply Supervillain, Mad Scientist, Warlord, Dictator? This is the place for you
  15. Vintage Radio Scripts These vintage radio scripts are available directly off the Internet
  16. Virtual Christianity : Bibles A comprehensive list of on-line Bibles and bible links
  17. Virtual Autopsy Includes 'Interactive Cadaver'
  18. Virtual Guidebooks  This site features over 2100 virtual reality panoramas
  19. Virtual Gumshoe Investigative Resources Available on the Web
  20. Virtual Learning Resources Center Chosen by experienced librarians and teachers
  21. Virtual Reference Shelf   Selected Web Resources compiled by the Library of Congress
  22. Visible Earth Searchable directory of images, visualisations and animations of the Earth
  23. Visionary : Dictionary of Terminology in Vision Research Study of human / animal vision
  24. Vocabulary Builder Build your vocabulary easily and quickly.
  25. Voice of the Shuttle Web Page for Humanities Research
  26. Vote Smart Selected by American Political Science Association
  27. Voycabulary Online dictionary -make words on ANY webpage into links - look them up


  1. Wales on the Web Gateway to high quality websites about all aspects of Wales
  2. WannaLearn Free, family-safe, online tutorials, guides, instructionally oriented Websites
  3. Water Pseudoscience web of pseudoscientific hype guaranteed to dazzle and confuse
  4. Web English Teacher best of online English / Language Arts teaching resources
  5. Web Gallery of Art Virtual museum and database of European painting and sculpture
  6. Web Generation online community about American culture
  7. Web of On-line Dictionaries Authoritative and comprehensive language portal
  8. Web Sites for Speeches and Quotations Texts of many famous speeches and addresses
  9. Webrary   Web Sites for Book Lovers
  10. Webref Ultimate glossary collection
  11. Web's Legal Dictionary  Researched, written in plain language
  12. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary: 1913 Ed. Simple Headword Search
  13. Web-To-English Dictionary The Websurfer's Handbook
  14. Weht.net   Have you ever wondered what ever happened to ...
  15. West Indian Literature A work-in-progress compiled from a variety of sources
  16. West Legal Directory If it's about the law, it's here!
  17. What is Technical Writing? Each profession has its own special specialized forms of writing
  18. Whatsonwhen Welcome to the world's best events
  19. What's that stuff? From Chemical & Engineering News Online
  20. Where to do research  With nearly 100 subject areas
  21. Who2   We mean to be the Web's best guide to famous people
  22. Whonamedit A biographical dictionary of medical eponyms
  23. Who's alive and who's dead? Track which famous people have died and which still live!
  24. Who's Who Online Professional and biographical data about individuals
  25. William Shakespeare The Collected Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare
  26. Wilton's Etymology Page  The study of word origins. It is NOT the study of insects
  27. Windows on the Past Selected historical materials for on-line browsing and searching
  28. Wise Traditions In Food, Farming And The Healing Arts
  29. Wolves  A bibliography and guide to the literature
  30. Women and Gender Studies Welcome to the Literature & Culture Pages
  31. Women in Cinema A Reference Guide
  32. Women's Biographies Distinguished Women of Past and Present
  33. Word Circuits Born to pixels rather than the page--writing that's digital down to its bones.
  34. Word Detective >  Words and Language in a Humorous Vein
  35. Word for Word origins of unusual words and phrases
  36. Word Safari A playful approach to sharpening your academic vocabulary
  37. Word Wizard Answering your questions about word or phrase origins
  38. Words & Stuff   A fortnightly column on words and wordplay
  39. Words at Work  The Naming of Parts
  40. Words borrowed from other languages Many languages that contributed words to English
  41. Words on Words Comments, tips, headlines, etc., from journalism professors and editors
  42. Word Spy Recently coined words, words having a renaissance, words used in new ways
  43. Word2Word dedicated to breaking down of language barriers
  44. WordCentral Aimed at children but strangely addictive for adults
  45. WordNet 1.6 Vocabulary Helper Exactly that
  46. Wordorigins Wilton's Word & Phrase Origins
  47. Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus Dictionary with integrated thesaurus
  48. World Airport Codes Codes, abbreviations, runway lengths and other airport information
  49. World eBook Library where you can read or download thousands of books online
  50. World Encyclopedia Internet's best source of country data!
  51. WorldExecutive City Guides ( also Hotels )
  52. World Heritage List 721 properties which World Heritage Committee has inscribed
  53. World Law global catalog and search engine for law
  54. World Newpapers World newspapers online and news sites in English by region
  55. World Rainforest Information Portal  Your Gateway to Rainforest Information, Resources
  56. World Regions   Country Information, Regional and World Rankings
  57. World Trade Center: Reflections on the Disaster
  58. World War II    Timeline of historical facts on the war, plus other articles of interest
  59. World Wide Arts Resources   Your first stop for Arts online
  60. World Wide Holiday and Festival Especially important to business travellers
  61. World Wide Web Research Tools
  62. World Wide Web Terminology Another Glossary
  63. World Wide Words Investigating international English from a British viewpoint
  64. World Wildlife Fund
  65. WorstcaseScenarios   Ebola! Anthrax! Severed limbs! Tunnel collapses! Muggings!
  66. Wound Ballistics Qualities a bullet must have to stop a determined homicidal attacker
  67. Writers BEWARE Warnings and Cautions for Writers
  68. Write4Kids The Children's Writing SuperSite
  69. Writers Digest The 101 best websites for writers
  70. Writer's Encyclopedia By nature, the writing life is rife with questions
  71. Writing for Hobby
  72. Writers Guild of America > Represents writers in motion picture/broadcast/cable/news
  73. Writer's Home >  For Writers, Editors And Lovers of the written word
  74. Writers Manual Provides tips, techniques, resources, articles, job postings, and more
  75. Writer's Resource Centre   A true writers resource
  76. Writer's Tools Translators, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Etc.
  77. Writers Write   Resource for information about books, writing and publishing
  78. Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation Download a printable ( .pdf ) version
  79. Writing Effective E-Mail You should know e-mail etiquette.
  80. Writing for Performance Writing requirements for Television, Radio, Stage, Film
  81. Writing for the Web html guide
  82. WWW Virtual Library Superb searchable - Agriculture, Business, Computing, ...
  83. Writers Resources Miscellaneous group of writing resources


  1. Year by Year 1900 - 2001 Milestones, History, Music, Fashion, Disasters, etc.
  2. You Are Not Alone (Maybe) Before you ask a reference question, check this handy list


  1. Zen Buddhism Virtual Library Guide to Zen (Ch'an, Son, Thien) Online Resources

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