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Search Enhancement

1. Be detailed Begin with many words, then decrease if no result. Always use small characters.
2. Use plus and minus-signs cat+persian in result, dog-poodle not in result
3. Search document title or filetype t: or title: in front of words desired. Use filetype. Example: filetype:pdf
4. Boolean search AND must appear, OR must appear, AND NOT not appear, NEAR within 10 words of the other or NEAR/15 within 15 words, ( ) parenthenses around group portion of query. Example: Food AND (grain AND NOT oats)
5. Search for object Person, title or expression, use " " (quote signs) around the phrase. Finds phrase in exactly that order.
6. The wildcard * (asterisk), when unsure about exact spelling or to get all hyphened words.
7. Inside URL Use +inurl:tag|tag. Example: .pdf, .ogg
8. Conversions Convert units. Type known item, "in", and unknown unit, such as "10 km in miles"
9. Dictionary and spellcheck "define:[word or phrase]" Example: "define:maverick" Spellcheck by typing Guess as search term, may ask if meant something else
10. Search specific site Include site:url Example:
11. Track packages Enter shipper's tracking number to get results and links for major delivery companies.

Duck bang shortcuts

Update: May 1/23