dSync for OS/2

This program creates and maintains exact copies of files, directories or the whole disks in/on the other directory/disk. One can specify any number of directories and files for excluding from copy process, and any number directories for copying to. This is a text mode program, results are showed on the stdout or log file. It has a daemon working mode in which the data synching will be done once a day at the specified time.

The main purpose of this program is to store the whole copy of important data on the spare HDD or spare partition for fast restoring in the case of the main media damaging. You can store the whole copy of your system bootable partition and in the emergency cases just select the spare disk as the bootable.

Main Features.

- EA (Extended Attributes) support;
- Very fast working, low memory consuming;
- Text mode, can be run detached, can work without PM, i/e from bootable diskette;
- CPU usage saving mode;
- Can't work with files greater than 4 Gb (may be even greater then 2 Gb);
- Can copy locked files;
- Can't work with pathnames longer than 255 chars (in OS/2 max = 260 chars);
- Uses simple text config file;
- Tested on FAT, HPFS, HPFS386, JFS, network drives of PEER, Netware, NFS. Reaction on other file systems - unknown.
- Can't write files with long filenames on the FAT disks;
- Errors - not found yet. :)

Version 0.1.7 dSync017.zip