1. O*NET Online Making occupational information interactive and accessible for all
  2. Obscure Store and Reading Room If you're looking for strange stuff go no further!
  3. Ocean.com Everything Ocean
  4. OceanWorld Bringing the ocean to the classroom
  5. Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends An Archive of History and Historical Resources
  6. Official State Birds Listed by State, by Family Genus
  7. OhioLINK Databases By Subject
  8. Oil Analysis and Lubrication Dictionary Simple solutions
  9. Old West Not really a time or a place but a state of mind
  10. Olga's Gallery Over 8,000 works of art - Search artists by name
  11. Omniglot Guide to writing systems. Over 150 different alphabets, syllabaries and other
  12. One Across Crosswords, Cryptograms, Anagrams, Reference
  13. OneLook Dictionaries 629 dictionaries now indexed-multilingual
  14. Online Chinese & English Bible King James and Chinese Union Versions
  15. Online Dictionary Database Definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases
  16. Online Dictionary of Mental Health Disciplines contributing to understanding mental health
  17. Online Etymology Dictionary roots of language are irrational and of a magical nature
  18. Online Film Dictionary Understand all those movie-specific terms in foreign languages
  19. Online Public Relations To help you deliver better, faster and less-expensive online PR
  20. Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies Cooperative effort by scholars
  21. Online Rhyming Dictionary RhymeZone
  22. Online Rhyming Dictionary for Poetry & Songwriting With links
  23. Online Slang Dictionary site depends entirely on your contributions
  24. Onomastics Collection Lurline Coltharp characterized her work as a labor of love
  25. On This Day Check it out
  26. Operas Find it by title, song, whatever, with plot synopsis
  27. Operabase Multi-(euro)-lingual
  28. Optics 2001 Have you pondered the question, "What is light?"
  29. Orchestra-Conductors Alpha sequenced database
  30. Organic Consumers Assoc Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade & Sustainability
  31. Ornithology Best for information on wild birds
  32. Other Worlds Writers' Workshop Writers of speculative fiction can polish their skills
  33. Outdoor Recreation and Safety Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia
  34. Outlaws and Highwaymen History of Highwaymen and the Medieval Outlaws
  35. Oxford English Dictionary The wan Ann Donely
  36. Oxford Shakespeare The 37 plays, 154 sonnets and miscellaneous verse
  37. Oxymorons and some that just think they are


  1. Page ONE Literary Newsletter &
  2. Paleontology at the US Geological Survey Science which uses fossils to study life in past
  3. Palindromes Palindrome Parade at Thinks.com
  4. Panama Canal Operates year round offering users a safe, fast and reliable transit service
  5. Paper Money Geographical Directory Of World Paper Money
  6. Paperboy : Online Newspapers 4567 Newspapers From 170 Countries
  7. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant Interactive, menu-driven, online writer's guide
  8. Paranormal News Aliens perform tracheotomy on woman
  9. Particle Adventure fundamentals of matter and forces
  10. PatchWord online writers' resource centre
  11. Pediatric Planet A world of pediatric information
  12. Pegasos A Literature Related with Author's Calendar
  13. Perseus Encyclopedia Tufts University
  14. Philosophical Dictionary Guide to technical terms and personal names
  15. Philosophical Humor Delightful site compiled by David Chalmers
  16. Philosophy Since the Enlightenment Comprehensive - with links
  17. Phobia List It started as a lark one day and grew from there.
  18. PhotoGraphic Libraries Stock images, film and photo archives provide a creative source
  19. Physician's Guide to the Internet Great medical starting point
  20. Physics Hypertextbook Work In Progress
  21. Physics Journals Search Search headers, abstracts, full text, by year
  22. PICASSO Online Project - Life, Works, Museums, Books, Archives, Search
  23. Pictures /Art need a picture probably find it at Jacob Richman's site
  24. Pilot-Search arts, literary search engine
  25. Pilot to Terminology Terminology is an artefact, as in a terminology database
  26. Pirates of the Spanish Main Appreciation and preservation of Caribbean buccaneer history
  27. Piratesinfo
  28. Pittsburgh Dictionary Pittsburghese is what we call it
  29. Place Find Does that place you just created already exist?
  30. Plant Image Dictionary For the discipline of Horticulture and Crop Science
  31. Plants National Database If it's plant related you probably will find it here
  32. Playwrighting Seminars Opinionated Web Companion on the Art & Craft of Playwriting
  33. Playwright's Workshop Check out the Carol Libman On-Line Script Collection
  34. Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus Sense relationships within the English language
  35. Poem Place By author, by category
  36. Poetry-Portal Directory or guide to the internet poetry world
  37. Poetry Writing: Top 10 Tips To help you improve your poetry
  38. Political Parties Interest Groups, and other movements around the world
  39. Political Resources on the Net By country, links to Parties, Organizations, Governments
  40. Political Science on the Internet From The University of Keele
  41. Politics1 Non-partisan public service to promote fully informed decision-making
  42. Portals to the World Authoritative, in-depth info about nations and other areas of the world
  43. Poynter Online Everything you need to be a better journalist
  44. Preditors and Editors guide to publishers and writing services for serious writers!
  45. Prehistoric Fiction Set in prehistoric era, or characters are members of a prehistoric society
  46. Printable Calendar Templates Free service providing  printable calendars
  47. Probert Encyclopaedia Comprehensive reference resource of over 90,000 entries
  48. Produce Oasis Find navel oranges under "N" for "Navel" and "O" for "Oranges"
  49. Project Bartleby Archive: Quotations More from great books online
  50. Project Censored To explore and publicize the extent of censorship in our society
  51. Project Gutenberg Free electronic texts
  52. Project MUSE Scholarly Journals Online
  53. Poker Dictionary Everything you wished you had known before the game
  54. Pronunciation Guide From Voice of America ( with audio mp3)
  55. Pronunciation of Biological Latin Includes Taxonomic Names of Plants and Animals
  56. Proofreading and Editing Tips Advice from experienced proofreaders and editors
  57. Proposal Writing short course
  58. Prosopagnosia I am 'face-blind' in the sense that I can not recognize people by their faces
  59. Proud to be Iroquois Look at your neighbor and make him sparkle
  60. PSIgate physical sciences hub of the Resource Discovery Network
  61. Public Library of Science Scientific and medical literature as freely available public resource
  62. Master of Public Health university list
  63. Public Speaking Learn about the process
  64. PublicRadioFan public radio stations online
  65. PubList Database of over 150,000 magazines, journals, newsletters
  66. Pulitzer Prizes From beginning to date, by year, history, etc.
  67. Pun Faqtory "... a low species of wit."
  68. Punctuation Tips Commonly Used and Misused Punctuation Marks
  69. Punster Jokes, Puns, Riddles and Wordplay for Children of All Ages
  70. Purportal The Bunk Stops Here !


  1. Quotation Centre Over 13,00 Great Quotations
  2. Quotations Alphabetical by order
  3. Quotations at Bartelby Search for various collections
  4. Quotations at Rhyme Zone Search by alphabet
  5. Quotations Page Plus links and more
  6. Quote Lady Karen's delightful site
  7. Quoteable Women An Archive of   Memorable Quotes by Women
  8. Quoteland Find quotations on anything


  1. Radio Drama Resources Writing, Scoring, Sound Effects, Production
  2. Radio Enthusiast Radio-related resource: books, web sites, equipment
  3. Radio-Locator most comprehensive radio station search engine
  4. RadioLovers Hundreds of vintage radio shows mp3
  5. Rampant Scotland Directory 9,000+ Scottish-related Links, regularly updated
  6. Rap Dictionary Dig?
  7. Rare Diseases Search largest database of understandable information on rare disorders
  8. Rasta / Patois Dictionary Jamaican vacationers need this
  9. Reader's Robot Reviews that reveal the appeal
  10. Reading and Writing Tools Waterloo/Cedar Falls Public Libraries
  11. Ready Reference Using the Internet Full-text sources and data suitable for ready reference
  12. Recipes Online Choose from menu areas or ethnic specials
  13. Recommended Reading List For writers -- amateur or professional
  14. Reel Classics dedicated exclusively to Classic Movies audio files
  15. Refdesk best source for facts
  16. Reference Tables Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols, and Abbreviations
  17. Regency Fashion wealth of information on Regency Fashion with many illustrations
  18. Related Readings general topic of computing in the humanities and Much More
  19. Religion-Online: Full Texts by Recognized Religious Scholars More than 2,100 articles
  20. Renaissance Fair Step back 400 years to a time of Romance
  21. Repositories of Primary Sources Manuscripts, archives, rare books,  photographs
  22. ReptileCenter Herpetologists's Portal
  23. Research-It! One-stop reference desk Excellent source of tools***add searchlist***
  24. Research Resource Writers Tool and Support Services
  25. Resignation list of
  26. Resumes: How To Write The purpose is to set you apart from the rest of the pack
  27. RetroFuture with Let Them Eat Fake!
  28. Reverse Dictionary Describe concept- get list of related words and phrases at OneLook
  29. Rhetoric & Composition links to works of classical rhetoric
  30. Rhetorical Figures Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
  31. Rhyme ZoneFind a word's rhymes, synonyms
  32. Rhyming Dictionary For Poetry and Songwriting
  33. RinkWorks Online Entertainment - need to clear your head?
  34. Rip Off Report Don't let them get away with it !
  35. Robert's Rules Of Order Leading manual of parliamentary procedure
  36. Robert's Rules of Order Revised Modifications & enhancements to this work are
  37. Robin Hood Project Texts, Images, Bibliographies and Basic Information
  38. Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame And Museum
  39. Rocklopedia Fakebandica All fictional bands / singers from TV / movies in one place
  40. Roget's Thesaurus Great word links
  41. Roget's Thesaurus Search Searchable text
  42. Roman Emperors Imperium Romanue
  43. Roman Empire Leading Web resource on Rome
  44. Rulers Lists of heads of state and heads of government


  1. New Age Travel Sacred Places
  2. Sacred Pilgrimage Places
  3. Satiche large collection of SATire, pastICHE, wordplay, and general language fun
  4. SatireSearch internet's first and most comprehensive satire headline search tool
  5. Say Hello to the World At IPL Kidspace
  6. Scan tips
  7. Scholarly Psychology Resources On the Web
  8. Scholarly Societies Project Facilitating access to information about scholarly societies
  9. School of Criminology Justice Links
  10. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
  11. Science of Cooking Enhance understanding of the science behind food and cooking
  12. Science Timelines Notable events in the scientific world from prehistoric to the present
  13. Science Writing Aids Indiana University Chemical Information Sources
  14. Science.gov Science information provided by U.S. Government agencies
  15. Scientific and Technical Acronyms, Symbols and Abbreviations Search, Browse
  16. Electric Scotland's Scottish History Culture, Battles, Literature
  17. Screenwriters & Playwrights
  18. Screenwriters Utopia Screenwriting and Screenplays
  19. Screenwriting Advice on various aspects
  20. Screenwriting contests
  21. ScriptFLY Developing and Marketing for Screenwriters
  22. Scriptorium, The Virtual Room for Writers
  23. Scriptorium Fonts Most informative commercial font site with great details
  24. Search Systems over 12066 Free Searchable Public Record Databases!
  25. Seashells.org About seashells, beachcombing, cleaning, preserving, identifying
  26. Seattle Lexicon Lingo from the Far Corner Non-Northwesterners should use these terms
  27. SeaWeb Designed to raise awareness of the world ocean and the life within it
  28. Selected Internet Resources Covering all academic subject areas **pts
  29. Self-Publishing for profit big bucks to be made in book writing
  30. Senses Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World
  31. Sentence Diagrams One Way of Learning English Grammar
  32. Shakespeare at Rhyme Zone Search by tragedy, comedy
  33. Shakespeare Web All the world's a website
  34. Sheet Music Collections wide-ranging and varied selection of sites
  35. Sherlock Holmes on Web Everything the Web offers about Sherlock Holmes is here
  36. Shi'ite Encyclopedia And other Islamic resources
  37. Shoelace info
  38. SIBMASInternational Directory of Performing Arts Collections and Institutions
  39. Sign language dictionary video
  40. Sikhism Realization of Truth is higher than all else
  41. Silent Era silent film website
  42. Simpler Words And Phrases K I S S
  43. Simply Scripts Movie, Radio, Television, Plays, Musicals
  44. Sing365Largest Lyrics Database
  45. Sites in Other Languages From Share International Foundation
  46. Skeptic's Dictionary Says it all
  47. Skulls What is a skull?
  48. SkyscraperPage Anything and Everything to do with skyscrapers
  49. Slave Trade Archives Access to, preservation of original materials relating to slave trade
  50. Slavery, Abolition, and Emancipation For students wishing to write about slavery
  51. Slaves and the Courts A hundred + pamphlets and books from between 1772 and 1889
  52. Sleep Foundation
  53. Slipups From movies, TV, Books, Quotes.  10358 collected so far!
  54. Smiley Dictionary Thank You Helwig :-D ...user is laughing (at you!)
  55. SoYouWanna Teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school
  56. So, You Want To Be An Editor A gentle introduction to the profession
  57. Soap Maker Glossary collection of soap making terms, definitions and acronyms
  58. Social Science Information Gateway World, Europe, UK
  59. Social Science Research Network Rapid worldwide dissemination social science research
  60. Social Security Death Index By SSA through end of 28/9/2K has 64,386,512 records
  61. Society for Technical Communication Toronto
  62. Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace To truly be a "theater of ideas."
  63. Sociology of Death and Dying Michael Kearl's most informative site
  64. SocioSite Social science information system based at the University of Amsterdam
  65. Soil and Health Library Agriculture, Health, Personal Sovereignty, Spiritual Freedom
  66. Songfacts Facts about your favorite songs with link to Artistfacts
  67. Sonnet Central Archive of English sonnets, commentary, and relevant web links
  68. SOSIG Social Science Information Gateway
  69. Sources Select Online Information Service for Journalists and Writers
  70. SPAM Laws United States, European Union, Other Countries
  71. SparkNotes Study Guides in Literature, Astronomy, Poetry, History, Biology
  72. Speaking Tips goodly collection from LJL Seminars
  73. Specialty Search Engines When you want to find more than just web pages
  74. Speculative Vision Science Fiction and Fantasy
  75. Speech & Transcript Center From many sources
  76. Speech accent archive Accented speech  from many different language backgrounds
  77. Speech Writer (Matt's) outlines the 8 steps to a well-written speech
  78. Spellcheckonline
  79. SpellWeb Let the web decide
  80. Spice & Herb Encyclopedia From Allspice to Vanilla
  81. Spices Sought in far-flung places for their culinary and their medicinal value.
  82. Spiritual Awareness Now Beneficial Enlightening Clear Knowledge
  83. Sports Cliche List " You can feel the momentum swinging "
  84. Sports Quotations Choose by the first letter of the subject index
  85. Spunk Library Literature in electronic format,  emphasis on anarchism and related issues
  86. Stain Guide removal thereof
  87. Stained Apron To venting of food servers' frustrations & a harsh education of dining public
  88. Standards of Archival Description:Handbook Technical standards, conventions, guidelines
  89. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Each entry is maintained and kept up to date
  90. Stanley Park " To the use and enjoyment of people of all colours creeds and customs for all time "
  91. StartWright Our hobbies are words, etymology, language and linguistics!
  92. State Holidays US - other searchable areas
  93. Stately Knowledge Facts of any state in the Union
  94. Statistical Resources From University of Michigan Documents Center
  95. Statistics Every Writer Should Know Numbers can't "talk," but they can tell you much
  96. Statistics Sources Key Starting Points for Statistics
  97. Stories.com Online community for readers and writers of all ages and interests
  98. Storytellers Native American Authors Online
  99. StreetMapUK Address searching and street map facilities for the uk.
  100. StreetplaycStickball, handball,spaldeens, and more!
  101. StreetSpeak More real world jargon
  102. Simple Study Guides
  103. Style Guide online edition of The Times Style Guide
  104. Subliminal Advertising ..and you wondered why you visited my site!
  105. Suite 101 Real people helping real people. Varied information links
  106. Sun and Moon Data for One Day Times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, transits
  107. Sun or Moon Rise / Set Table for One Year Sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset for a year
  108. Supreme Court Justices Chronologically by Appointment
  109. Surgerychannel Find the most up-to-date surgical information available on the web
  110. SurLaLune A portal to the realm of fairy tale and folklore studies
  111. Symbols.Com : Encyclopedia of Western Signs & Ideograms World's largest online
  112. Synonyms Dictionary This page though functional,  is not actively supported or repaired

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