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CD ripper

  1. Speech to ogg
  2. Zlurp! Encoder/Tagger
  3. Kat
  4. Exact Audio Copy quality
  5. CD ripper
  6. Dbpoweramp Rated high $39
  7. CDex
  8. Fairstars normalize, player
  9. Fast CD Ripper transcode $10 Burn, mixer, record
  10. DeepRipper
  11. Waveripper
  12. AudioGrabber
  13. Dandan cd burn tag many apps $30
  14. Mp3-Deluxe rip/play/organize $40
  15. Easy CD-DA Extractor 45mb
  16. Total Recorder $18 records streams, Mic input, Line-in input, CD/DVD
  17. Virtuosa $45 play Ogg Vorbis files through a plugin available file format plugins bburn rip transcode
  18. WinCD player CD wma play-back speed changeable. ID3-Tags. $15
  19. VideoSoftDev a/v grab/convert
  20. Media Player Hotkey global keys for many players, cli wav play
  21. Soundkit convert, split from cue file


  1. CD Tag winamp plugins
  2. RareWares audio codecs
  3. Moviecodec ogg codec
  4. Directshow filter
  5. Xiph Quicktime Components Ogg playback in apps that use Quicktime.
  6. Winamp vorbis plugin v2, Nero plugin
  7. Nero audio plugins
  8. GStreamer class used by audio players many OS


  1. Oggifier other codec gui's
  2. OggDropXPd Rarewares ogg tools, other codecs
  3. FlicFlac
  4. Free Music Convert
  5. Media Human audio/video
  6. Kastorsoft extract audio from video, video download
  7. Recode audio/video
  8. Konvertor 4380 file formats, file manager player
  9. SwitchAudio also editor other audio, draw photo edit many
  10. SUPER audio converter gui for encoders w98+ directx9
  11. Blaze Media Pro playlist, a/v conversions, recording, video processing $50
  12. dbpoweramp music converter fr/$38 audio conversion rip many formats
  13. ashampoo MediaPlus a/v many format 5mb fr cd burn, mp3finder burn/encode $24
  14. Huelix record $20, convert $30


  1. SoundEngineFree 5.21a 5mb Author page
  2. Wavepad noise reduce
  3. CoolEdit2000 recording LP/tape info
  4. Cool Edit Filter support Cool Edit 96/2000/Pro
  5. CoolEdit info How to record from external
  6. CDwave record, split files into songs $15
  7. GoldWave editor/convert $45
  8. Dcart audio restoration
  9. SoundforgePro $300
  10. Sound Rescue $80
  11. Reaper $60 powerful multitrack record/edit
  12. Steinberg WaveLab 5/6 powerful record master high resolution and multichannel audio, burn CD/DVD


  1. Rarewares download tools
  2. Free codecs latest tools
  3. Screamer Radio save stream to ogg, station list
  4. DJ Mix Lite continuous music with cross fading, beat matching mixes between songs.
  5. DJ-Workstation DJ-mixing. multiple soundcards, streams with pitch-shifting, and real time time-stretching, autoplaying, autocueing, assignable cross-fading, etc.
  6. Harmony Assistant $85 wlm Melody Assistant's big brother. midi to ogg
  7. IrfanView fast graphic viewer 9x. multimedia as Vorbis, pdf reader.
  8. MusiCutter cutter Cut points can be imported from CUE sheets, XMCD files, or plain text.
  9. Vorbis Extension property sheet shell extension that can edit the comments in vorbis (.ogg) files and display information about vorbis files. Integrates Vorbis Comments right into Windows desktop!
  10. Sjeng tuned Vorbis encoder, vorbisgain wl


  1. Mp3tag plugins Foobar2000 Total Commander wm
  2. TAG&Rename $30
  3. TagScanner Built-in player, organize large music collections.
  4. Mpeg Audio Collection organize/tag audio collection. Uses external player


  • Vorbis tools
  • Cutoggvorbis script cuts into smaller, handle large files

    CD rip

    1. RipperX GTK encode in parallel supports cdparanoia
    2. Freac wlm
    3. Asunder
    4. Abcde
    5. Xmcd CD player gui
    6. Morituri cli find cd drive offset
    7. Kyamo play tag
    8. Crip cli normalize, group labelling, CDDB
    9. GRIP CDDB player
    10. Rip cd-ogg perl script
    11. Vorbix
    12. korbis KDE gui cdparanoia and oggenc
    13. WSPse: MP3c front-end console
    14. Ova console
    15. Paranoia
    16. Dekagen shell script


    1. Perl Audio converter
    2. WMA AAC to ogg
    3. mBox python
    4. mp32ogg perl
    5. Soundconverter console


  • Small webserver

    Tag Comments

    1. Poe
    2. Vocoditor gui in Perl uses GTK
    3. EasyTAG wl
    4. GTK Tag editor


  • J-Ogg libraries for demuxing and decoding different contained formats; Ogg Vorbis FLAC supported
  • VorbisSPI Ogg Vorbis SPI (Service Provider Interface) based on JOrbis library, "Vorbis Driver" that could be plugged to ANY Java music player.

    Mac OS X

  • Amadeus editor $
  • Fission editor from above $
  • Ogg Drop Rip/encode, QuickTime component iTunes to play vorbis