Essential and Fragrance Oils (room scents)

AMBER: Immune stimulant, calming

APPLE: Pleasant fragrance, green apple scent. Inhibitor of undesirable odours. Keep moths away. Harmony with citruses, vanilla and cinnamon.

BASIL: Respiratory, migraine, anxiety, depression, stress & tension, colds, fatigue, insect repellent, adrenal

BERGAMOT: Anxiety, depression, nerves, colds, fever, flu, insect repellent Energizing fragrance, fresh zesty aroma, fights bad odours. Harmony with citruses.

Blue Tansy: antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, calming

CHAMOMILE: Fresh soothing fragrance, relax and sleep better. Harmony with lavender and bergamot.

CINNAMON: Purifying exotic fragrance. Induces relaxation and good moods. Harmony with vanilla, apple and orange.

CITRONELLA: Insect repellent Purifying fragrance, excellent air cleanser. Harmony with pine, eucalyptus, rosemary and citruses.

Clary Sage: antidepressant, antibacterial, menstrual cramps

CLOVE BUD: Toothache, Sore Gums and Throat, Insect Repellent, Indigestion, Tension Headache, Stress Relief, Burns, Pain Relief, Acne

ENGLISH ROSE: Antidepressant,aphrodisiac, PMS. Floral fragrance, feeling of well being and happiness. Strong inhibitor of undesirable odours. Harmony with lavender, rosemary and ylang.

EUCALYPTUS: Asthma, chest & nasal congestion, bronchitis, coughs, flu, allergies, insect repellent. Balsamic fragrance, excellent air purifier. Harmony with marjoram, rosemary, pine and lavender.

FIR NEEDLE: Bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis, air freshen

FORGET ME NOT: evoke memories of loved ones. ascends spiritual passion, mood, regulates menstrual cycle, improves sexual desire

FRANKINCENSE: Asthma, anxiety, depression, nerves, PMS, stress, bronchitis, colds, flu, meditation, respiratory, scar, arthritis, stretch mark, dry skin, menstrual, emotional

FREESIA: feeling of well-being and happiness

GARDENIA: scent of love, warmth and goodwill

GRAPEFRUIT: Anxiety, depression, nerves, room anti-septic, appetite stimulant, energy booster, nervous exhaustion, fatigue. Refreshing fragrance,air antiseptic, natural tonic. Harmony with all fragrances

GREEN APPLE: Appetite suppressant, Moth Repellent, Air freshener, Take away fear

HYACINTH: Helps with shock, despair and stress.

JASMINE: Energy, immune system, childbirth, perk up chemo patients, antidepressant, happy, relax mood. Floral fragrance, feeling of well-being. Help in cases of apathy, listlessness and indifference. Strong odor suppresor. Harmony with rose, orange blossom, lavender and citrus.

LAVENDER: Headache, migraine, anxiety, depression, hypertension, PMS, stress & tension, colds, flu, motion sickness, nausea, insomnia, vertigo. acne, allergies, asthma, athlete's foot, colic, insect bite, sunburn earache, sleep, facilitates metabolism, effect of sterilization and anti-inflammatory Caution: low blood pressure. Fresh balsamic fragrance, feeling of clearness of mind. Recommended during any intellectual activity. Harmony with rosemary and apple.

LEMON: Asthma, congestion, depression, colds, coughs, flu, memory, mental alertness, focus, air freshener, athlete's foot, corns, cold sore, psoriasis, wart/skin tag, cuts/wound, dull or oily skin, varicose vein, wart, mood enhance, hard water stain, general cleaning, remove sticky label , refresh mind, anti-rheumatism and neuralgia, improves body resistance. Purifying fragrance, relieve congestion, deodorizing. Harmony with mints and citruses.

Lemon Balm: cold sore, viral, Alzheimers, insomnia, anxiety

LILAC: smell of spring, pleasant and uplifting.

MAGNOLIA: lightens spirit provide warm ambiance in room. Balance hormones sebum secretion, moisturize skin

MARJORAM: Snoring, asthma, nasal chest congestion, sinus headaches, anxiety, nerves, colds, ,flu, head colds, insomnia. Caution: pregnant. Balsamic fragrance, air purifier. Repressing snoring. Harmony with eucalyptus, pine and lavender.

MELON: refreshing scent - everyone's favourite, brightens room

ORANGE: Anxiety, tension, insomnia, sedative, circulation, dissolve cholesterol, GERD. Very effective at settling children before bedtime. Zesty fragrance refreshing and soothing. Recommended in cases of fatigue caused by stress. Harmony with citruses, rosemary and mints. Blend with Lavender, Sandalwood.

3 drops with 1T almond oil, massage on abdomen start lower right clockwise motion for intestianl spasm, constipation

ORANGE BLOSSOM: depression, anxiety PMS. Floral fragrance soothing. Helps to relax and in cases of emotional stress. Harmony with citruses, lavender, rose and jasmine.

OREGANO: Burns, Insect Stings/Bites, Headaches, Acne Skin Irritations, stress. Harmony with Diaper Rash, Gum Soreness and Infections, Digestion Problems, Menstrual Issues citruses, lavender, rose Lice, Cold/Flu Symptoms, Gas and Bloating, Mild Fevers, Allergies, General Cleaning Solutions and jasmine.

PATCHOULI: Depression, nerves, nervous exhaustion, sensual Invigorating exotic fragrance. Keeps insects away. Harmony with sandalwood, bergamot and rose.

PEPPERMINT: Asthma, chest & nasal congestion, headache, migraine, nerves, stress, motion sickness, colic, exhaustion, fever, nausea, scabies, vertigo, sinusitis, digestion, decongestant. Fresh balsamic fragrance, feeling of clearness of mind. Recommended during any intellectual activity. Harmony with rosemary and apple. Caution: pregnant.

PINE: Balsamic fragrance, excellent air purifier. Fresh scent. Sinusitis. Harmony with majoram, lavender and eucalyptus.

ROSEMARY: Asthma, chest & nasal congestion, migraines, colds, memory, muscle ache, arthritis, dandruff, dry scalp, circulation, rheumatism. dry skin, strengthen hair, stress, arthritis, cold/flu, bad breath, mental clarity Caution: Pregnant, high blood pressure, epileptics. Balsamic fragrance, natural stimulant, helps brain activity. Recommended for migraine. Harmony with mint, rose, apple and citrus

SANDALWOOD: Aphrodisiac, stress, insomnia. Exotic fragrance soothing. Induces relaxation and sleep. Powerful air purifier. Harmony with cinnamon, patchouli, incense and floral.

SPEARMINT: Stress headaches, nausea. Invigorating fragrance, stimulant and fresh. Feeling of clearness and well-being. Ideal for office and car. Harmony with lemon, rosemary and lavender.

TEA TREE (Melaleuca): Respiratory Ailments and Bronchitis, Fungal, Bacterial or Viral Infections Acne, Chicken Pox, Cold Sores, Cold and Flu, Corns and Warts, Minor Cuts and Scrapes, Insect Bites, Ring Worm, Athlete's Foot, Head Lice, Dandruff Dry Scalp

VANILLA: Appetite suppressant, warm up soul. Exotic fragrance, balsamic and stimulant. Recommended in cases of stress. Harmony with cinnamon and apple.

VIOLET: Shy, reflective and calming. Good for nerves. Prevent cold, resist fatigue Fresh delicate soothing fragrance. Recommended in cases of fatigue and nervous tension. Harmony with lavender and rose.

WHITE MUSK: Sensual, warm soothing.

YLANG YLANG: Anger, frustration, high blood pressure, insomnia, aphrodisiac, sensual. Exotic floral fragrance, recommended for nervous tension and stress related disorders. Harmony with any of floral scents.

Treatment product

Rosemary help for arthritis, make salve with EVOO, coconut oil, and bees wax and rub on effected area? Add 10 more drops of Rosemary to basic salve.

Spark Naturals Amend on arthritis (hands). expensive, said Miracle Salve worked just the same. Sometimes use Eucalyptus and Marjoram. Whole body massage, add oils to fractionated coconut oil

Update: Aug 12/20