1. Earth and Moon Viewer Images can be generated based on full-colour
  2. Earth Day Network Who says you can't change the world ?
  3. Earth System Education interested in learning more
  4. Earthcalendar Daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world
  5. Eartheasy simpler less-acquisitive lifestyle, with respect for nature.
  6. Earthquake Preparedness
  7. Earthquake recovery for homeowners
  8. Eclectic Company Language and Linguistics
  9. Econews Serving the Vision of a Sustainable Vancouver Island
  10. Economic Terms Glossary extensive database of economic terms and concepts
  11. Foundation for Teaching Economics
  12. Economist Style Guide Based on style book which is given to all their journalists
  13. Ed Helper.com Lesson Plans, Worksheets, a teachers vade mecum
  14. EDSITEment Best of the Humanities
  15. Editing nightmares Several articles from SPAWN
  16. Editing IndexesLike any well-written document, an index needs to be edited
  17. Editorial Services Guide Definitions of Editorial Services
  18. Editors Association of Canada Professional editing as key in effective communications
  19. Education Index best education-related sites on the Web
  20. Educational Software Directory Guide to Learning Software Resources on the Web
  21. Effective Writing for the Workplace Good business writing can make or break a career
  22. Ehow good starting point if you need to know
  23. EFL and ESL Resources helpful links for learners and teachers
  24. English as second languages resources
  25. ELEaston English Online Materials for Teaching & Learning
  26. Electric Power Industry Glossary They have the capacity
  27. Electronic Text Collections western European languages other than English
  28. Electronic Textbook Design Guidelines
  29. Electronics Library Free Technical Online Directory
  30. Elementary education degree
  31. Eleven Rules of Writing Concise guide to some of the most commonly violated rules
  32. Embassy World searchable database
  33. eMedicine World Medical Library Instant access to the minds of medicine
  34. Emergence of Advertising in America 1850-1920 9,000+ images, database information
  35. Emergency home disaster safety
  36. eNature Resource and community for nature enthusiasts
  37. Encyberpedia The Living Encyclopedia
  38. Encyclopedia Astronautica All kinds of space stuff
  39. Encyclopedia.com from Electric Library The Internet's premiere free encyclopedia
  40. Encyclopedia of Canadian Theatre earchable eh!
  41. Encyclopedia of Canine Veterinary Medical Information VetInfo Dogs
  42. Encyclopedia of Feline Veterinary Medical Information VetInfo Cats
  43. Encyclopedia of Golf Almanac of Golf
  44. Encyclopedia of Judaism Judaism 101
  45. Encyclopedia of Law & Economics University of Ghent
  46. Encyclopedia of Monsters, Mythical Creatures and Fabulous Beasts
  47. Encyclopedia of Philosophy Stanford University
  48. Encyclopedia of Psychology With a built-in translator
  49. Encyclopedia of Television At The Museum of Broadcast Communications
  50. Encyclopedia of the Celts Knud Mariboe's Celtic Homepage
  51. Encyclopedia of the Orient The only one for North Africa and the Middle East
  52. Encyclopedia of World History Chronology of  20,000+ entries from prehistoric to 2000
  53. Encyclopedia Titanica A unique resource for anyone interested in the Titanic
  54. EncycloZine : Expand Your Universe Multimedia Encyclopedic Portal
  55. English/Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary Some plain rhyming slang, other slang words
  56. English Departments - Worldwide growing list of pages, ranging from dull to inspired
  57. English Grammar tips and software
  58. English in Dublin Slang to use in Ireland.
  59. English Homophone Dictionary Words pronounced alike even if they differ in spelling
  60. English HyperText Book : Modern English Grammar Syllabus
  61. English Masters Degree
  62. English Online Resources University of Virginia Library
  63. English Plus Newsletters Online A multitude of sources
  64. English Server Accessible Online Publishing
  65. English Structure for Academic Purposes Intensive English Institute
  66. English to American Dictionary Possibly the first example of BeerWare(TM).
  67. English Vocabulary Assistant (EVA) Helps people learn and use English words
  68. English Vocabulary Quick Reference Comprehensive Dictionary arranged by word roots
  69. Environmental Ethics Wide base of environmental ethics source readings
  70. EPIC.ORG Electronic Privacy Information Center
  71. Epicurious World's Greatest Recipe Collection
  72. Equine Info Your gateway to horses
  73. Eserver.org Accessible Writing in many areas. Wonderful Collections
  74. E-script Internet's scriptwriting workshop
  75. Essay Info For anyone who wants to write better
  76. Essay Writing Guide Follow a few simple steps and find that the essay almost writes itself
  77. Essential Information ESSENTIAL.org link
  78. Essentials of Music basic information about classical music
  79. Ethnologue Languages of the world and software
  80. EthnoMed Information about cultural beliefs, medical issues and related issues
  81. Ethnomusicology From a Pioneer in the Study of American Minority Cultures
  82. Etymologic randomly selected word origin or word definition puzzles
  83. Etymology of First Names And history of first names
  84. Everest Almanac Guide to the world's highest peak
  85. EveryRose The Rose Reference Database
  86. Executive Planet Your guide to international business etiquette and culture
  87. How the Eye works
  88. EyeWitness History through the eyes of those who lived it
  89. Ezine-Universe many ezine listings


  1. FabricLink For Learning About Fabrics, Apparel, and Clothing Care
  2. Fabric Workshop and Museum Exhibiting new work in fabric and experimental materials
  3. FAIR Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
  4. Fairies of the Realm Includes Myths, Dragons, Knights, Fantasy, Legends, and Lore
  5. Trace Family Tree
  6. Famous Artworks Exhibition WebMuseum is a collaborative work of its visitors
  7. Famous Birthdays Accurate, up-to-date birthday
  8. Famous Quotes & Quotations Well arranged and ordered collection
  9. Famous Trials All the ones you ever read about - and more!
  10. FAQs for Future Editors Frequently asked questions and answers
  11. Farmers Almanac lunar/tidal info
  12. Feminism and Women's Studies Many aspects
  13. Feminist Here's where you'll find it
  14. Feudal Japan Medieval Japan and many Japan related links
  15. FictionDB Most comprehensive, searchable database of authors and titles
  16. Fiction Writer's Character Chart Helps writers get a firm grasp on major characters
  17. Figures of Speech With definitions and examples ( from Professor Grant Williams )
  18. File Extension Source Click links for file extensions starting with...
  19. File Format Collection Information on 100s of  file types & useful programming information
  20. Filters Slang Repository Slangin' up a fresh plate o' new words fo' that ass!
  21. Finance in the classroom
  22. Financial literacy month
  23. Financial Literacy
  24. Find-A-Grave Pictures Search by name, location, claim to fame, birth / death dates
  25. Find Articles Web's first free article search
  26. Finding Court Opinions National Law Journal
  27. Finding Data on the Internet Pertinent information
  28. Finding Images and Sounds presentation by Marylaine Block
  29. First Among Equals Five main themes relating to Canada's prime ministers
  30. FirstGov Official site for searching US Government
  31. First Names & What They Mean Searchable - over 5,500 names
  32. Fish and Wildlife Service USA
  33. Fish Link Central Aquarium Resources
  34. Flag Detective Know a flag design, but not the country?
  35. Flags of All Countries most popular flag site
  36. Flags of the World Devoted to vexillology
  37. Flood Recovery Guide
  38. Flying Pig Campfire Songbook Click on Alpha letter to see song words
  39. Focusing on Words Enhance English-vocabulary skills
  40. Folklore & Mythology E-Texts Plus fairy tales and Germanic myth, legends
  41. Fonetics online language laboratory - tutorials with soundclips
  42. Fonts in Cyberspace Language fonts. More than 408 sources for 126 languages
  43. Food Museum First we eat, then we do everything else
  44. Food Porn Your delicious dreams, delightful desires, forbidden fantasies will be filled here
  45. Food Reference Website History, Facts, Trivia, Quotes, Humour, Poetry...........
  46. Food Timeline Wonder what the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world?
  47. Footwear of the Middle Ages   Up to the end of the 16th Century
  48. Foreign Languages for Travelers 74 languages
  49. Foreignword Online dictionaries and free translation software
  50. Forensic Science Technician
  51. Forensic Science Society
  52. Forensic by Zeno
  53. Forestry Degrees Online
  54. Forestry Resources University of Minnesota Agriculture Network
  55. Forms of Address Academic, clerical and religious, government, military
  56. Forthright's Phrontistery Don't miss it if you're a lover of language
  57. Forward Motion for Writers All kinds of FAQs and articles about writing
  58. Free Booknotes Free study guides for over 250 books
  59. Free Education Complete courses for 120+ different subjects
  60. Free Lunch Freely Accessible Databases for the Public
  61. Free Medical Journals Dedicated to promotion of free access to medical journals online
  62. Free Music Dictionary Searchable
  63. Free Pictures Large collection of free photographs for non-commercial use
  64. Free Pint Helping use the WEB for your work
  65. Freedominfo It contains crucial information on freedom of information laws
  66. French Language Course free
  67. Friends Of the Earth International World's largest federation of environmental groups
  68. Frugal Fun on the Web Think being frugal means being deprived and miserable?
  69. FullDeckisms All hammer, no nail
  70. FBI History


  1. Gadzillion Things To Think About A minds journey begins with a single Why?
  2. Gaelic and Gaelic Culture Cit a bheil mi agus c sgrobh seo?
  3. Gaelic Languages Info T filte romhat! Is tusa cuairteoir 519,468 !
  4. Garbage How can my community reduce waste?
  5. Gardening At the WWW Virtual Library
  6. Geek Travel Guide With Country index
  7. Genealogy
  8. Generation Terrorists Perhaps the Ultimate Quote Store
  9. Gentleman's Page A practical guide for the 19th century American man
  10. Geography Resource Center Learning & Teaching Geography in Higher Education
  11. Geology degree
  12. 'German Language Everything about the nominative, accusative, dative and genitive cases.
  13. Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Browser updated monthly
  14. Ghosts of the Prairie American History, Hauntings & Unsolved Mysteries
  15. GIGA Quotes 50,000+ ancient & modern quotes, aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, etc.
  16. Gilbert and Sullivan Archive The Premier Internet Light Opera Site
  17. Gilder Lehrman Centre For the study of Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition
  18. Glassine Surfer Stamp Collecting
  19. Glossary of Allergies From Health on the Net Foundation
  20. Glossary of Architectural Terms Michael Durkin's
  21. Glossary of Boatbuilding and Boating Terms Terms used to describe designs
  22. Glossary of Book Related Terms Book Sizes, Book Condition and General Glossary
  23. Glossary of Botanical Terms Botany, gardening, horticulture and landscape architecture
  24. Glossary of Building/Construction Technology Mostly American English/French/Romanian
  25. Glossary of Castle Terms Castle links, castle photos, castle site of the day, for kids, more
  26. Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms Errors are highly unlikely but possible
  27. Glossary of Earth Science GeoMan's
  28. Glossary of European, Noble, Princely, and Imperial Titles Collecting/organizing/defining
  29. Glossary of Film Terms know the right term to use
  30. Glossary of Flood Terms Flood Control District of Maricopa County
  31. Glossary of Genetic Terms1 Search or choose from alphabetical list
  32. Glossary of Genetic Terms2 Quick search or alpha index
  33. Glossary of Insurance Terms Has alpha index page
  34. Glossary of Internet Terms Terms and definitions are being added all the time
  35. Glossary of Latin Terminology Improve Your Latin Legal Terminology
  36. Glossary of Literary Criticism From a Lexicon of the Humanities
  37. Glossary of Literary Terms From Gales Literary Index
  38. Glossary of Literary Terms & Handbook of Rhetorical Devices With introduction
  39. Glossary of Medical Terms Technical and Popular terms in 9 European languages
  40. Glossary of Microscopy Terms Info on techniques / instruments used by microscopists
  41. Glossary of Musical Terms Classical Music Website
  42. Glossary of Nuclear Terms Support users without frames and JavaScript support
  43. Glossary of Plasma Physics Plain-language definitions of over 3600 technical terms
  44. Glossary of Political Economy Terms Dr. Paul M. Johnson Auburn University
  45. Glossary of Statistical Terms With suggested order of examination
  46. Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms Biggest Theatre Glossary on the Web
  47. Glossary of Whisky Terms
  48. Glossary of Winemaking Terms Compiled many years from experience,various sources
  49. Glossary of Yiddish expressions Get to know the 'Borsht' circuit language
  50. Golf Europe
  51. Good English Bad English To improve your English in any form
  52. Government of Canada Starting Site Information and Service Gateways for Canada
  53. English Grammar
  54. GrammarCheck
  55. Grammar & Style Notes Also 'Getting an A on an English paper'
  56. Grammar Grabbers Noooo! Don't Use THAT Word!
  57. Grammar NOW! Grammar, Composition, Editing, Proofreading Resource
  58. Grammar, Punctuation & Other Tricks of the Trade Right Words
  59. Grammar Rock Check it out !
  60. Grammar Slammer Complete English Grammar Resource Beyond a grammar checker
  61. Grammar and Language Courses for 100+ languages
  62. Grandiloquent Dictionary to collect and distribute the most obscure and rare words
  63. Gray's Anatomy Features 1,247 vibrant engravings—many in color
  64. Great Aviation Quotes Man's great thoughts on flying, airplanes, and being a pilot
  65. Great Buildings Collection leading architecture site on the web
  66. Great-Quotes Over 10,000 Famous Quotes and Sayings!
  67. Greatest Films Academy Awards history, film history by decade
  68. Greek Alphabet U/L case, in alphabetical order, together with the names of the letters
  69. Greek Glossaries bilingual / multilingual glossaries one of the languages being modern Greek
  70. Greek Mythology with The Principal Gods Family Tree
  71. Greek Translation service
  72. Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice
  73. Group Names for Birds partial list with links to other collective names
  74. Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal With actual examples of a completed proposal.
  75. Guide to African American Documentary Resources Reviews several existing websites
  76. Guide to Food SitesNutrition, Food and Health Resources
  77. Guide to Medieval Terms guide has undergone a long period of gestation
  78. Guide to Online Anarchy Of interest to anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and other activists
  79. Guide to Wine and Wineries consumers, collectors and wine lovers
  80. Guidelines for reporting and writing about people with disabilities
  81. Guitar for beginner Components of guitars/amps to look for when purchasing


  1. Hacker's Dictionary The real stuff
  2. Hadrian's Wall Best known frontier in Roman Empire & stands as reminder of past glories
  3. Ham SpeakKnow the lingo (click on hamspeak)
  4. Handbook of Rhetorical Devices More than sixty traditional rhetorical devices
  5. HandSpeak Sign Language Dictionary Online
  6. Handyman USA information on home improvement and repairs
  7. Hatch's Plot Bank Need a plot? Over 2000 here!
  8. Haunted Places many cases
  9. Health Informatics Worldwide Health Informatics
  10. HealthyComputing work safely with your computer
  11. Henry Churchyard's Linguistics Page Phonology, metrical & historical
  12. Here Be Dragons What is a dragon?
  13. Heteronym Homepage See what it's about!
  14. Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century Always under construction !!
  15. Historic Speeches Index links to other speech archives
  16. History Net: Today In History Searchable
  17. History of Astronomy First general History of Astronomy pages
  18. History of Beekeeping Background information going back thousands of years
  19. History of Brain Surgery Perhaps the oldest of the practiced medical arts
  20. History of Cars First appeared in the 19th Century
  21. History of Castles main function of castles was defence
  22. History of Clocks Sundials were one the earliest forms of telling time
  23. History of Computing collection of materials
  24. History of Computing Devices Throughout history, people have used various "devices"
  25. History of Costume Printed from 1861 to 1880 in Munich
  26. History of Cotton In the Coast and Upland Fields of South Carolina
  27. History of Cricket Each man in the side that's in goes out, and when he's out he comes in
  28. History of Economic Thought large number of significant texts
  29. History of Food and Agriculture From his origin, man struggled endlessly to get food
  30. History of Holography Greek word holos, meaning whole, and gramma, meaning message
  31. History of Medicine Making the Past Pertinent to the Present
  32. History of Money From Ancient Times to the Present Day
  33. History of Paper Ancient Egyptians invented the first substance like paper
  34. History of Philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato
  35. History of Photography The word is derived from the Greek words for light and writing
  36. History of Piracy Meet the characters that inspired every pirate film ever made
  37. History of Plumbing Everything you wanted to know but managed to avoid!
  38. History of Surrealism Americans who, by and large, are unaware of the work \
  39. History of Theatre begins with a definition of the term itself
  40. History of the Bible Origin and Development of the English Language Bible
  41. History of the Bicycle In 1817 Baron von Drais invented a walking machine
  42. History of the Guitar Plus many guitar related links
  43. History of the PianoForte Done in chronological order
  44. History of the Potato Has it's roots in the windswept Andes Mountains of South America
  45. History & Social Studies
  46. History of Traditional Games History, links and current information about traditional games
  47. History (brief) of Wales tribute to the people of Wales' determination to survive
  48. Hollywood Online Isn't it time you went Hollywood?
  49. Holy Books New Testament, Old Testament
  50. Home Economics What was it ? From Domesticity to Modernity
  51. Homeschooling and Education Resources From Learn in Freedom
  52. Homework Help All kinds of Topics
  53. Homework Helper Discover something new every day
  54. Homework Helper Writing skills are essential for effective communication
  55. Homework site list
  56. Homonym List Can a gambling cannibal ante his auntie?
  57. Honest Intellectual Inquiry Philosophy, Religion, Science and other thought provokers.
  58. Horological Links Time on your hands?
  59. Horses and Horse Information Breeds, care, tack, equipment,  general riding, training etc.
  60. How Stuff Works Ever wondered how the engine in your car works?
  61. How The Other Half Lives Jacob Riis: Studies among the Tenements of New York
  62. How To Write A Book A small book - in about 10 days
  63. How To Write Effective Copy A little slice of heaven in a tough marketing world!
  64. How to Write Web Pages Emphasizing the content, rather than the coding
  65. Human-Languages Page Language-related Internet resources - now I Love Languages
  66. Human Nature Review A significant source of analysis and commentary
  67. HumorMall For all your humor needs
  68. Hydrologic Cycle Online Meteorology Guide
  69. HyperGrammar University of Ottawa Writing Centre
  70. HyperHistory Online Over 2,000 files covering over 3,000 years of world history
  71. Hypertextbook Chaos, E-World, Factbook, Physics
  72. Hypertextual Finance Glossary Campbell R. Harvey's pride and joy

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