1. Cajun Culture Encyclopedia Don't forget your hot sauce
  2. Cambridge Dictionaries On-Line American English, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs Spanish also
  3. Cambridge History of English & American Literature Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes
  4. Canada In The Making Knowledge about key government acts and treaties
  5. Canada's Native Peoples Resources for heritage
  6. Canadiana Resource Page
  7. Canadian Agriculture Library premier agriculture library almost 1 million volumes
  8. Canadian Archival Resources
  9. Canadian Confederation story of how Canada came to be
  10. Canadian Constitutional Documents All you need and more
  11. Canadian Education on the Web Relating to Canada and Education
  12. Canadian Encyclopedia Online Of course it's bilingual !!!
  13. Canadian Poetry University of Toronto Library
  14. Canadian Universities A plethora of links eh?
  15. Cannylink Hobbies: Writing - Agencies
  16. Carnivorous Plant Archive What's eating you?
  17. CBC Archives Relive our history through CBC Radio and Television
  18. CELT Irish history, literature and politics
  19. Center for Science Education Solving the mysteries of the Universe
  20. Cetacea No living animals have captured our imaginations as have the great whales
  21. Character Actors names you don't remember, faces you can't forget
  22. Chat Abbreviations LSHTTARDML
  23. Chemguide Helping you to understand Chemistry
  24. Chemical Elements Interactive Periodic Table of Elements
  25. Chemistry Periodic Table
  26. Dictionary of Metaphorical Quotations
  27. Chicago All you ever wanted to know
  28. Children's Literature Guide University of Calgary
  29. Children's Writing Resource Centre Writing for Children
  30. Chilling Effects Monitoring the legal climate for Internet activity
  31. China Bibliography Collections of Resources
  32. China History To Qing Dynasty
  33. ChinaSite Complete Reference to Chinese-Related Sites
  34. Chinese Culture wealth of information from About
  35. Chinese Language Information Page Tool pointing to Chinese language related resources
  36. Chinese Religions and Philosophy Many related links
  37. Cholesterol Myths astonishing and frightening facts
  38. Chronological Index of Women Mathematicians By Age?!
  39. CIA World Factbook
  40. Cities/Buildings Database Images of buildings and cities from across time and the world
  41. Classic Films treasury of film related pages
  42. Classics Search: Ask the Oracle Links to classical Greek / Latin texts - scholars response
  43. Classical Composer Biographies Good personal page with Links
  44. Classical Cooking Glossary
  45. Classical Music Archives largest on web
  46. Classical Music Search Retrieve title and composer of melody you enter
  47. Classification of African Languages By Language Group, Pidgins, Creoles
  48. Classification of Living Things An Introduction to the Principles of Taxonomy
  49. Clay Art Web Guide gateway for ceramic and pottery information
  50. Cliche Finder searching for just the right cliche to use?
  51. Clichesite list of cliches As long as your arm
  52. Climbing Dictionary American / English terms plus translations French German Dutch
  53. CMU Pronouncing Dictionary Pronunciation dictionary for North American English
  54. Cockney Rhyming Slang Examples of usage are included for each word
  55. Coffee - Tea Glossary Also has cocoa I believe
  56. Collection of Great Literature Online HTML formatted e-text for reading enjoyment.
  57. Colleges and Universities Search Directory Includes Canadian Universities and more
  58. CollegeNet Applying to college?
  59. Color Meanings & Symbolism
  60. Color meaning
  61. Color Psychology Why are people more relaxed in green rooms?
  62. Commencement Addresses Some were given decades ago; some current; all  relevant
  63. Communication degrees
  64. Computer Dictionary Search for definitions to more than 7,000 high-tech terms
  65. Computer Knowledge tutorials, info, acronyms
  66. Computer Network Glossary Netify vocabulary here
  67. Connexions Social change, economic justice, environmental responsibility, civilliberties
  68. Construction management degree top 100
  69. Contemporary Africa Database Concerning prominent Africans, organisations
  70. Contemporary Quotations Most Notable Quotations: 1950-1988
  71. Consumer Action Consumer Education and Advocacy since 1971
  72. Consumer Safety Guide
  73. Conversion of Units From / To Lists, Temperature, Currency
  74. Cook It Quick! Helping you prepare healthy foods in a hurry
  75. Cook's Thesaurus Cooking Encyclopedia covering 1000's of ingredients and kitchen tools
  76. Copy Editing Spot for Copy Editors
  77. Copyright & Fair Use Stanford University Libraries
  78. Copyright info
  79. Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks I told you!
  80. Cost-of-Living Survey Worldwide
  81. Costume Gallery Over 1000 web pages and 2,500 images of fashion and costume
  82. Costumer's ManifestoCostumers of the World Unite!
  83. Country Profiles From BBC
  84. Country reports culture info
  85. Country Studies Library of Congress Presently 101 countries covered
  86. Craft of Poetry Study of writing poems in rhyme, meter, and inherited forms
  87. Crazy Libs Read brief stories with your words strategically inserted
  88. Creative Quotations Famous people on their birthdays linked to creativity components
  89. Cremation: view of several religions
  90. Crimes of Persuasion Schemes, Scams, Frauds
  91. Crime Scene Investigation Response guidelines; evidence collection; photography
  92. Crimeculture Something for anyone teaching or studying crime fiction, film and graphic art
  93. Crocodilians Natural History Conservation
  94. Crossword Puzzle Answers Search Having trouble getting the last word in that puzzle?
  95. Crossword Puzzle Links General Sources and puzzles and related
  96. Crossword Puzzle Links 2 American, cryptic, themed, etc
  97. CRUCIVERB-L Crossword Page Crossword Links
  98. Cultures.com Devoted to cultures, living and ancient
  99. Curious Words and Phrases Will the real snotty-gobble please stand up?
  100. Current Value of Old Money How much would it be worth today?
  101. Cyber Hymnal 2,400 Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations
  102. Cyber-Museum of Scams and Frauds A few of the most common so you'll be on guard


  1. Daily Almanacs InfoPlease Selection
  2. Daily Bleed: Calendar of Eclectic Events Weird!
  3. Dating in Victoria era
  4. Daylight Saving Time history of daylight saving, from Benjamin Franklin to the present
  5. DeafBlindInfo Combined Vision and Hearing Loss
  6. Deafsign resource for deafness and sign language
  7. Decades of Discovery Office of Science at U.S. Department of Energy
  8. Delphion's Gallery of Obscure Patents From the unusual to the bizarre
  9. Demographics access to 1970, 1980, and 1990 U.S. Census Data
  10. Diabetes Dictionary
  11. Dictionary Specialist Online Links Aims to bring you the best specialist subject dictionaries
  12. Specialty Dictionaries Dictionaries & glossaries of specialized words in English language
  13. Dialects Wonderful collection - American, British, Colonial, Canadian
  14. Dialects German
  15. Dialects Scottish
  16. Dialects Yorkshire
  17. Dictionaries I Love Languages Page of Tyler Chambers
  18. Dictionaries and Glossaries Texas Cultural & Arts Network
  19. Dictionaries of Slang Lex Scripta Desktop Reference Links
  20. Dictionary list many
  21. Dictionary Look up in Dictionary or Thesaurus
  22. Dictionary of Algorithms, Data Structures and Problems
  23. Dictionary of American English contains over 40,000 entries
  24. Dictionary of Bankruptcy Terminology law firm
  25. Dictionary of Botanical Epithets Largely taken from alpine plants
  26. Dictionary of Botanical Words Click on first 2 letters in spelling of desired word
  27. Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems Part of Cybernetics and Systems Theory
  28. Dictionary of Electronics Free interactive multimedia lesson
  29. Dictionary of English Slang and Colloquialisms monster online
  30. Dictionary of Geology Select by alphabetical sequence
  31. Dictionary of Measures, Units, Conversions with appropriate conversion factors
  32. Dictionary of Metal Terminology Metals Aerospace International
  33. Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang Off-Road Bike Riders Offer a Crash Course
  34. Dictionary of Orthodontic Terms Brace yourself
  35. Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names Terms and names often encountered
  36. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable Words That Have a Tale to Tell
  37. Dictionary of Sensibility Sense of Sensibility
  38. Dictionary of Symbolism Possible cultural significances of various symbols
  39. Dictionary of Units of Measurement How many ?
  40. Your Dictionary
  41. DIG Stats If you want know about statistics this is the place digital photos
  42. Digital Librarian Excellent set of resources
  43. Directory of Open Access Journals full text, quality controlled scientific & scholarly
  44. Disability Issues Information for Journalists Credible information and quotable sources
  45. Disability financial planning
  46. Discoverers Web All kinds of information about discovery and exploration
  47. Distinguished Women of Past and Present Multiple search options available
  48. Distribution of Forests Country profiles from FORIS
  49. dMarie Time Capsule Data online for the years 1900 through 1999
  50. DNA from the BEGINNING Animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes, and heredity
  51. DNA test kits compared
  52. Best DNA ancestry test
  53. DNA test most accurate
  54. Documenting America America from the Great Depression to World War II Photos
  55. Domesday Book Commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror
  56. Dragon Search Directory for the Mystic East
  57. Dress, Jewels, Arms and Coat of Arms Material Culture in the Late Middle Ages
  58. DriveIn Theatre List 500+ Operating Theatres and 3,000+ Dead Theatres
  59. Drug Facts Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade
  60. Drug Related Street Terms / Slang Addictions and life page
  61. Drug addiction facts
  62. Dumb Laws

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